Why You Should Have A Maternity Shoot

Maternity photography has come on leaps and bound from when I was pregnant. The only photo’s I had seen were the staged, half naked studio shots of mum and partner, arms wrapped in places to hide mums dignity. Never in a million years did I want to look back at my pregnancy and see photos like that, so I didn’t bother. Maternity photo shoots have changed so much, they are now more natural and relaxed, they can be in the comfort of your home or outside in big open spaces. I wish this style had been around when I was pregnant because guess what, I have no photos of me pregnant with either of my two children. Not even the one photo a month to show the ever-changing bump, pretty bad coming from a photographer right.

Wanting to steer clear of the camera

I think I stayed clear of the camera when I was pregnant as I felt self-conscious, everyone would say I was glowing but I just felt tired and achy with swollen ankles.  

So here are the reasons why you should have them done. Once your child is born you realise how special being pregnant really was. Being pregnant has nothing to do with all the reasons I put off having my photo taken, its about this amazing connection that you have to this little person that no one has met yet. It’s a connection that no one else has or will be able to have. It’s actually a beautiful, personal moment in your life that I wish I had captured.



Life completely changes once baby arrives, whether it be baby number 1 or 4, and for me, my maternity photos help capture the moments before this change. The calm before the storm almost. My aim is to make you feel as relaxed as possible and really show you how important these moments are before your new arrival, a moment that you won’t be able to get back and that you will always want to remember. 

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