How to Dress for A Family Photo Shoot? Here are 7 tips: A blog about styling tips for your family photo shoot

family outdoor shoot

Right so you want to book a family photoshoot, but you have no idea what to wear. Where do you start ??. Choosing what to wear for a photoshoot can be scary and one of the things that put people off booking. But rest assure nerves are completely normal. Please do not go on a frantic shopping spree and then have to return everything, lets go through a few things that work and a few things that doesn’t and hopefully this will put your mind at ease and make the experience less stressful

Number one rule, be comfortable  

Now im not saying don’t glam it up for your photos but make it authentic to you and your style, you want to capture you and your family as you see them not some staged picture-perfect version. Think of outfits that have some movement in them especially for the woman and girls in the photos. Who doesn’t love a bit of a swishy movement?

Match to the location and the season

Where are you having your shoot? Is it, in doors or Outdoors? Field of long grass and flowers or an urban setting. What are the colour in the back ground like?These will all be factors in what style and colour you want to go for.

If you’re having photos in a field you will be surrounded by very earthy colours, greens, yellows, beige. If its an urban setting the colours will be more greys and muted tones so pops of colour work really well

If you’re having your shoot at home, what’s the style of your furniture and the colours of the walls? If you have bright pillows or sofa’s then go for a more muted tone.

Think of the season and the colours that represent them. Autumn is a great example; you have the orange and mustard tones with the greens. Spring, maybe some pastel colours.

Colour Scheme

Right Mums this is your time to be selfish – plan everyone else’s outfit around YOU. Why? because want to feel good and look confident, do not settle on something because it fits in with your kids, who, by the way will look bloody cute in anything they wear. Love what you’re wearing you deserve it.

Once you have your outfit start to match the others around the colour in the patterns or colours that compliment your outfit.

If your shoot is outdoors Aim for neutrals, earthy tones, and metallic. These colours compliment pretty much any outdoor setting. A mustard dress in a green field or Forest looks amazing, just saying.

Compliment, do not Match

Don’t try and be too matchy – matchy, because it can look a little staged. Add textures and layers. Please no double Denim.

Be careful with patterns and Prints

Avoid large bold patterns as they often dominate the photograph and detract attention. Subtle smaller patters work best, floral prints are a great example of what does work.

Try and limit it to one person in the family to have patterns.


Much like crazy patterns, clothing with writing or logos on it tends to be a bit distracting. They also can age a photo; your kids may love Paw patrol now but if they are anything like my fickle kids will hate it in a months’ time family photos outdoors

outdoor family shoot


Think Location, if you’re in a field or a forest and you’re not a pro in heel’s ditch them. Sandals, converse are great. If you’re at home, get those socks off and go bare foot. If you’re looking for a more styled shoot in an urban area and heels are your thing, then go for it


Lets recap

  • Wear something comfortable
  • Dress for the season
  • Dress for the location
  • Compliment – don’t match
  • Mums be selfish, style everyone around you
  • Earthy tones look good in most setting
  • Avoid large prints and patterns
  • Wear shoes that won’t sink you into the mud.

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