Interview with Kent Florist: Wedding flower Guide

Deciding which flowers to use for your wedding day can be a daunting task, without any knowledge of flowers  you might end up settling on buds that are out of season or that just don’t fit with the venue.  To help you out I have ask Hayley at Cacti and wildflower, an amazing Kent Wedding florist some questions that will help with your wedding planning

Hi Hayley, tell me a bit about you and how you became a florist   

I lived in East London many moons ago I had a love for flowers, I would fill my home with florals and was a regular at Columbia road flower market, I would end up with bundles of flowers to play with and end up filling every room. I attended the odd day workshop but mainly taught myself as I went along. I’ve always needed to be creative in one way of another, flowers and I just clicked so it grew from there

Where are you based?

I am based in Sevenoaks Kent

What are some of the creative ideas for how to use flowers at weddings?

I’m all about the re using of floral pieces where you can, moving a piece from a ceremony table to a top table works wonders for your budget!

I am loving scatter vases at the moment… I’m building quite the clear cut glass collection! Slightly obsessive hoarder which helps

What’s trending at the moment that you love?

I’m obsessed with big blousy roses; I love the reflexes rose contemporary look at the moment. Also carnations are back!!! There are some beautiful types around, I love their ruffles. Who knew … 



How do I choose the right flowers for my wedding?

Trust your florist!!! We love to have creative freedom using florals in season. If you have an idea of the tones and style, we can do the flower choosing … we are so lucky nowadays what with Pinterest and insta, so many design ideas

How far in advance should I consider booking my favourite florist?

Personally, I like to be booked a year in advance but I know some florists prefer even longer. As soon as you know your wedding date just drop your florist a line

What are the main things to consider when booking a florist?

Well, at present I would say remember how crazy it’s been during Covid times and how many weddings have been postponed, squeezed into a very short wedding season this year, pushed along to the following year, even moved to mid week dates! Be patient … I myself am just me, am the only one to do everything behind the scenes which is very common for a studio florist so don’t panic if you haven’t heard back in a while if your wedding is a year or so off

Also make sure when you contact a florist you have your date and venue already booked or it’s a little hard to quote accurately

london mirco wedding


Eek… this is a tough one. It really depends on your day. Every wedding is so different

Maybe make the decision of a rough budget, see what bridal pieces you need and what’s important to you 

Small table pieces and mega floral installation piece or vica versa… there are no rules, discuss options and individual costings with your florist and you can work together to create your perfect florals


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