Elopement Wedding

Covid has completely changed the wedding industry as we know it. Sometimes its not a bad thing, sometimes things need a little shaking up. It has meant that couples can half the amount they were thinking they needed to spend and also make their day tailored to them as individuals. It has also opened up the market to some incredible small business who make the most amazing customised things to really make your wedding unique.

SO, what is an elopement wedding

An elopement wedding is just about you and your partner, so you get to do it however the hell you want without worrying if your offending your great aunt who you haven’t seen in 15 years. Some choose to jet off to the mountains, other pick a city that means something to them.


You budget can be as little or as large as you want and that is the joy of it. The average wedding in the UK cost £30k, that’s a lot of saving and a lot of stress. It means you can really take control of your day and make it really intimate

Eloping in London

London is a city that gives you so many options for an elopement wedding. You can go city chic in Chelsea, booking a registry office and taking a walk down the gorgeous high streets and restaurants , perching on the steps of someone very expensive wisteria walled house. Or you can go down the more urban route of Shoreditch (which is where these photos were take) or Camden and immerse yourself with the local graffiti and food stalls.

Town halls and registry offices are opening up slowly and some of the venues are amazing.

Hackney Town Hall

Old Marylebone Town Hall

Chelsea Old Town Hall

The Old Finsbury Town Hall

Hammersmith & Fulham Register office

Things I would recommend

I would recommend you still have a plan for the day rather than just winging it. Plan the area you want to get married in.

Do hire a photographer, I am not just saying this as I am one, but if you are not having anyone else around it is nice to be able to show family and friends what you got up to. You may only need 2/3 hour so prices will be smaller. They will be able to scout the location to find the best place for photos.

Get a bouquet, it just sets the day apart from any other, it doesn’t need to be from a florist it can be from your local supermarket . A bouquet in photos always helps you feel less self conscious.

If you do have some money spare hiring a nice car to drive you around is a complete bonus.